The BA Bucket List

So I took a look at my calendar today and had what I’m pretty sure might have been a tiny little panic attack. It’s June. JUNE. Which leaves me with a little over a month left in Buenos Aires, two weeks of which will be spent traveling elsewhere in Argentina.

Needless to say, I’m freaking out here. Jennifer-Hudson-in-Dream-Girls freaking out. Part of me (a really, really big part of me) just wants to grab onto one of the pillars at La Bomba de Tiempo, or one of the goal posts at Boca’s stadium, or any one of the amazing people I’ve come to love here, and hold on for dear life while screaming I’M NOT GOING YOU CAN’T MAKE ME. The other part of me is struggling with an understandable case of FOMO, and has spent the last few hours – in classic Annie fashion – making lists on lists on lists of all the places I’ve still yet to conquer in Buenos Aires.

So, without further ado, I present to you the Buenos Aires Bucket List, which I’ll be updating as I panickedly cross things off. (And let’s be honest, probably adding to as well.)

  1. Take a stroll down el Caminito (COMPLETED 6/29)
  2. Lie down beneath Siqueiros’ mural at el Museo del Bicentenario (COMPLETED 6/16 – no photos allowed)
  3. Take a tour of Buenos Aires’ amazing street art (COMPLETED 6/12)
  4. Have a picnic, on a boat, in Tigre (next time!)
  5. Take a Chili Bomb shot at la Puerta Roja (COMPLETED 6/14)
  6. Snap a photo with the Bomba de Tiempo team (COMPLETED 7/1)
  7. Walk among the dead at el Cementario de la Recoleta (Yes, I know I’m horribly late on this one. Spare me.) (COMPLETED 6/8)
  8. Eat / enjoy the abundant sexual innuendos at restaurant Te Mataré Ramirez (next time!)
  9. Go to this awesome closed-door vegetarian restaurant (COMPLETED 6/6)
  10. Marvel at the Wall of Fame, 15 straight blocks of street art (COMPLETED 7/13
  11. Go to Milonga La Viruta on a Wednesday night to see the best Tango dancers (COMPLETED 6/26)
  12. HYPE! (So sue me.) (COMPLETED 6/25)
  13. Have a kick-ass last supper of all the deliciousness Buenos Aires has to offer a vegetarian (COMPLETED 7/15)

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